Girls Do It Best

So what is the internet for if it’s not a place to fulfill fantasy?  Have you ever dreamed that women could do it as good as a man.  Like get on top and ride it until she screams.  In order to do it they need a pickle strapped on around their waste.  And you would be surprised at the talent of some of these girls when they strap on dreams and put it in a guy or a girl.  The skill involved is amazing how can they do it without feeling the motion?  The only way to know is to watch a few hd videos.


Spicy Latina

We know she is an adult performer but there are few latin babes that have the pure raw sex appeal that she has.  There is probably only a dozen latins that have ever been close to matching her on the screen. And that is to say that latins are generally born naturals when it comes to this kind of work.  Okay no matter what we say we sound anti ethnic and maybe exploitative towards females.  But we mean it in a good way.  Bottom line is we love Cassandra Cruz and we are sure you will too if you see more of her.  In fact our prediction is she will become your all time favorite.


Blonde Beauty

There are few women as gorgeous as Aaliyah Love when she took that as her name she did us proud.  The reason is we all love her.  From the first day she posed naked at age 18 until today our love for her has not died.  She is a true professional in the industry.  Few performers have the skill that she has to always look sexy no matter what.  Hopefully she continues performing until the day she dies.  And we will always be thankful that she has her own official website where we can get our fill any time we want too.  Well you could never have enough of her but it’s nice to know we can get a little treat every now and again.


Red Head Pain

One of our favorite suicide girls is a red head known as red head pain because she is so freaky and loves pain.  In fact there is little this sex goddess won’t do.  We won’t get into specifics here but take a look at one of Scarlett Pain fan blogs for more details.  She is a naughty little red head with tats and perky breasts. Above her performances and tats there is a more important element to this girl.  She is sexy.  She defines sex appeal especially to men who like that alternative thing or those who like gingers.  We think she has a soul.  Even if it’s the devil because she has that affect on us.



Beautiful women

There are lots of beautiful women in the world.  Sports Illustrated swim suit magazine comes to mind as the place with the most beautiful women over the longest period of time.  For two decades they have seemed to get the most beautiful models in the world to appear on their yearly swim suit edition.  This year they even added barbie and brought back some older favorites such as Christy Brinkley.  But let’s be honest the place that has the most beautiful women in one place is digital desires.  This website was done by photographer Stephen Hick’s who has passed away.  Hopefully they can keep the quality that he has pioneered.  One thing for sure there is one of the largest archives of sexy bodies in the world over there.


Coed Competition

One of the long lasting Competitions is at the Nebraska university.  It’s not the kind of game you think.  It’s not football the big sport over there or even beer pong.  It’s a sport of a sexual nature.  One with sexy coeds who take on other sexy coeds to find out who has the best sex skills in the class.  The winner takes all and has any man she wants.  Of course every man would want her. What man wouldn’t want a Nebraska Coed.  And maybe even the runner ups as well. Its one great party maybe it’s all the corn they eat over there no one really knows.  Certainly they aren’t know as a top party school, especially with that kind of weather.



Do you have a sexy aunt.  I always kind of thought of aunts as old more motherly types.  I didn’t think of them as sexy older women.  I guess thats the cougar thing.  What if there was a site that had tons of sexy aunts that got naked and showed off their bodies.  What you might realize is that aunties could be beautiful.  There is a story behind that milf thing.  Now there is something behind the aunt thing if you check out Aunt Judy. All I have to say is thank god I don’t have any aunts named judy. I would be scared forever.


Treat Of Month

If you love sexy women the kind that used to be centerfolds or aka playmates you might be familiar with Twistys.  Treat of the week. well they do models once a month.  These days they have an alternate version of the site they call twistys hard.  What is so good about twistys is they have sexy pornstars that are shot like super models very glamorous.  So why not offer an upgrade with these beautiful women having sex.  The hardcore XXX part of the adult entertainment business.  Take a look you might see something you like.  Or you might fall in love with it.


Tinker Bell

Are you a fan of peter pan and cute fairies in general?  What about elfs.  If you have fantasies of women with pointy ears kind of like vulcans but they smile you want to check out Bare Maidens.  This is the place of fantasy and naked elfs.  Take a look.  It’s like Lord Of the Rings with all female elfs that what ever part of the mid-evel earth that took place at.  Women look good even back then or when they have elf ears. Think about the beautiful princess trapped int the tower.  You need to make a high tower surprise and come up with a new place to save that beautiful girl.


Party Girls

Girls who love to have a good time are not always sluts.  It could be they just have a drinking problem.  But what about ones that are not drinkers they just love sex.  Both probably trigger certain brain chemicals that cause them to be wild. And while we are not complaining I do remember going to a party with lots of beer when I was in highschool.  It was after work and I stopped by late thinking it was probably over already.  Everyone was drunk but me.  The beer was basically gone but there was a hot girl who was completely naked. A real party slut. I think it was the first time I saw a girl with big boobs naked.  She was on her back and I never saw something so beautiful.  She wanted anyone to fuck her.  I think she really wanted a gang bang.  Wish I had partaken in the event.