Protect Your Roof: Tips for Success

Your roof can last 20+ years with proper care but it needs a little TLC from the owner to ensure that it provides durable quality for this length of time. How can you go the extra mile to protect your roof, your home, and valuable investment? Use the tips below to protect your roof!

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Quality From the Start

Choose quality roofing materials and contractors when it is time to install a roof. Even quality materials won’t matter if the roof is not installed correctly. If this means spending a bit more money initially, rest assured that is money well-spent.

Install Gutters

Gutters protect the home in many ways. Many homeowners know they protect the foundation but fail to realize they also benefit the roof, too. If your home doesn’t include gutters already, this is an investment worth making.

Keep the Gutters Clean

Once gutters are on the home, regular cleaning is important. Dirt, leaves, and other debris can fill the fetters, which causes the water that is meant to track away from the house to go right to the foundation and in the basement. It will also cause pooling on the roof, which results in noticeable damage fairly quickly.

Inspect the Roof

Many homeowners forget their roof until there is trouble. Don’t be one of these homeowners. Regularly inspect the roof (from the ground, of course) looking for missing shingles, broken asphalt or fascia, and other noticeable signs of trouble.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

An annual roof inspection provides peace of mind and protection against roof damage and expensive repairs. A professional comes out to inspect the roof, looking for any signs of damage or trouble that could cause trouble later down the road. It is much less expensive than a repair and less tedious, too. Be sure to hire the best roofing contractors portland oregon for the job to ensure great results.